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Gujarat Precision Cast Private Limited is a specialist manufacturer of Sand Casting components. Since last 15 years, GPCL Group has established a solid reputation in the casting industry and built a better relationship with customers by providing the best casting and manufacturing services. We pride personally on our broad variety of equipment and expertise to do any work efficiently and at a cost-effective price. We have vast experience in manufacturing castings for a distinct range of businesses from a broad diversity of industries all over the world. As such, we perfectly understand how to make sand casting that meet the perfect demand of you and your industry.

Best quality sand casting services

What Is Sand Casting?

Sand casting is an economical metal casting process in which sand is used as the mold material. It is a process that appropriates non-reusable sand molds to form metal castings. It's a common generation method for metal components of all sizes. Sand casting is not only flexible in the size of its products but it can also create detailed or complex castings. We have been a leading provider of Aluminum sand casting. Our fluency is completely implemented to tackle smaller orders through the use of automatic casting equipment.

Our Commitment to Provide the Best Quality

At GPCL Group, we are committed to quality. From our best different types of casting services, customers can rely on our quality management system to assure that their requirements are satisfied. GPCL Group has been one of India's most trusted sand casting companysince last 15 years.

We exist our assure in perfection to satisfy customers' requirements. Our technical lab is fully implemented to keep our products and process under constant control. Destructive and Non-Destructive Alloy Testing, Chemical Composition Test, CMM Evaluation, Micro- and Macrostructure Analysis and other important tests are performed in our lab. We never compromise in the quality matter. If any special tests are required, we implement it in our production. That's why we are one of the best Sand casting manufacturersin the market. We are serving our great casting services in different countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Austria, Russia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Our Sand Casting Company Offer
Design Creation

One of the most important and first steps of the casting process is design creation. Give us a drawing model, and we will create a great quality model exactly designed to generate optimum casting results. Our expert employees are able to make high-quality castings to satisfy customer's requirements.


GPCL Group works with 'key' partners to contribute quality secured and competitive services assuring constant. You will get the high-quality services in a low cost. We never compromise in the quality matter.

Testing & Review

With our fully-implemented laboratory, we carry out extensive mechanical testing. Our inclusive metal control systems include rotary degassing, indexing and spectrograph study


We have good gas burned tilting aluminium melting heaters onsite with a capacity extending. In addition, our electric holding ladle permits us to consolidate two boiler parts of material and offer rotary degassing.


To satisfy the requirements of our customer's castings in size, shape, and metal, we have different material that involves various cutoff opportunities, different blasting media, and straightening presses.

With over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in sand casting, we can solve your questions and provide the best solution. In the Sand casting manufacturers, GPCL Group is one of the leading sand casting company. Have you any doubt or want to discuss your project? Contact us.